Decorative Metallics

Special Finishes and Glazes

Paint and Color Consulting

Marble, Stone and Faux Wood

Buying, selling, or updating an existing property? We can save you time and money as we help you create the interiors you envision.

Have a whole house, or just a room or two? We are very experienced and knowledgeable with Mexican paint brands, both interior and exterior products.

We create special custom finishes of what you envision, using glazes, paints, plasters and trusted techniques to add depth, flow, texture and warmth to any area, interior or exterior.

The traditional Faux Finishes of varieties of marble, stone and woods are used on walls, floors, doors and cement columns to create completely unique looks on interior or exterior surfaces.

Interior Consulting

Matte and high gloss, painted metallic finishes can be used in many ways, from quietly understated to complex and flamboyant. Consider accent walls, entry halls or entire rooms.